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Japanese car for Diplomatic Missions

We at Batfa Japan Inc offer Brand New Japanese Cars as well as used Japanese cars to Diplomatic Community in Japan and rest of the world. Through a unique arrangement we are able to offer exclusive vehicles to Diplomats in Japan or moving to any country of the world. As soon as you have ordered your new Japanese car and made a payment, the car will be manufactured for you, and the driving pleasure can commence. The production time in the factory normally takes between 5 to 6 weeks depending on model chosen, and the shipping time is between 2 to 4 weeks vary depend on how far destination country is from Japan and frequency of vessel.

Our global capabilities, which are unique in the industry, have enabled us to assist thousands of individuals with the purchase of new Japanese vehicles at extraordinary values. As a serving diplomat, or a member of an International organization, you are able to take advantage of importing a Japanese car in any country of the world tax-free / duty-free. We offer a unique range of Japanese cars to Diplomats moving or located overseas Diplomatic missions. Through an irresistible combination of convenience and exceptional service, the purchase of a new Japanese vehicle, you will be completely satisfied with our experienced service.

Our English speaking staff is ready to answer your all questions and pre-purchase inquiries. Our dedicated English speaking staff are delighted to assist you with all enquiries and formalities relating to the purchase of your new Japanese vehicle from selection to the ordering of the vehicle, to shipping and other paperwork as well. We specializes in the sales of both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive vehicles to Embassies, Diplomats and United Nations staff around the world. We are supplier of DUTY FREE CAR for Diplomat and Organization around the world. With over 20 years of experience. Want to find out more about Japanese cars Diplomatic Sales?

Japan Company Trust Organization verified CompanyWe will be happy to help with all your questions. Let the experience of Sheer Driving Pleasure enter your life - with the Japanese Cars Diplomatic Sales service. We are supplier of DUTY FREE CAR for Diplomat and Organization around the world with over 20 years of experience. Whether you want to import duty free car or tax free car, we are able to supply Family car, Sports car, SUV as well as special car modified for handicapped person to comply disable person's need. Ordering and importing a vehicle direct from Japan is very simple by the assistance of our English speaking staff.

We speak English and Japanese languages to assist you for the selection of your next car direct from Japan. You can contact us direct from your location by Email, by phone at +81334138080, or by fax at +81334138084. You can also contact us through your country's Embassy/Consulate/Diplomatic Mission or your Organization's office in Japan for placing order as our Head-office is in central Tokyo and most of the Embassies and Diplomatic Missions are located within a short distance to our Head-office. Beside Japanese cars, we are able to supply European and American cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Mini, Jaguar, Opal, and Volkswagen as well

Want to sell your car?
If you are a Diplomat in Japan, now going back to your home country, and want to sell your car in Japan. We have cash buying service for your car in Japan. Whether your car is Japanese model or non-Japanese model, we buy all kind of cars. For detail contact us

Shipping your car from Japan:
If you are moving back to home country or just want to ship your car from Japan, we can assist you in pickup of vehicle from your place, complicated paperwork, Japanese customs clearance, and shipment of your car to any country of the world. For detail click here
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