Natural Oral Antithrombotic Agent in Japan

CD2000 NATTOKINASE JAPANCD2000® Nattokinase is a Japanese natural oral Anti thrombotic Agent for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and blood clots in the arteries and also effective for high blood pressure. CD2000® nattokinase dissolves blood clots, which helps clean blood vessels, which improves blood flow, and lowers the risk of heart disease. The CD2000 Nattokinase also help lower blood pressure, reducing strain on the heart that can lead to heart attacks.

Japanese people have longest lifespans and lower chronic disease rates in the world. Studies shows that CD2000 Nattokinase lower the rate of death from heart diseases.

Heart disease treatment in Japan is very advanced and the death rate due to heart failure in Japan is extreemly less than other countries.

Cardiovascular disease treatment in Japan is mostly by medicines and light exercise. Japanese doctors avaoid surgery unless there is no other method of treatment.

Blood pressure treatment in Japan is also by medicines. However, high lood pressure treatment in Japan is also by natural food and spending healthy life.

Japanese medicine for heart are very effective. Japanese physicians choose best treatment mehod for patient depend on condition of each person.

Japanese medicine for high blood pressure are good for human body with less side-effects. However, recommend is CD2000 Nattokinase for high blood pressure.

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