Japanese automotive industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world. Japan is the world's largest vehicle manufacturer. A number of Japanese companies that produces cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and engines etc. Japanese automotive manufacturers include Toyota Japan, Honda, Daihatsu, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Mitsuoka and Lexus.

Japanese new cars as well as Japanese used cars are dominating the automobile industry in Japan and worldwide. Japanese consumers and consumers from all over the world always prefer to buy Japanese cars because of reliability, performance and durability of Japanese cars. The count of Japanese car owners is ticking dramatically.

Japan made automobiles are holding the top position based on reliability in every vehicle category by the end of last year. This growth of the Japanese automotive industry is due to the trust that the famous Japanese new car manufacturers have created among Japanese customers and overseas customers.
History of Japanese Automobile Industry
1907 Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd. established
1911 Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works established
1917 Mitsubishi Motors' 1st car
1918 Isuzu's 1st car
1924 1927 Otomo built at the Hakuyosha Ironworks in Tokyo
1931 Mazda Mazdago - by Toyo Kogyo corporation, now Mazda
1936 Toyota's 1st car (Toyota AA)
1952 Prince Motor Company now Nissan
1954 Subaru's 1st car (Subaru P-1)
1955 Suzuki's 1st car (Suzulight)
1957 Daihatsu's 1st car (Daihatsu Midget)
1963 Honda's 1st car (Honda S500)
1966 Toyota's best selling car of all time, "Corolla" is introduced

Japan New Vehicle Sales Rise Biggest Since 1972

Sales of new Japanese cars, trucks and buses, jumped 46.7 percent in August 2010 from a year earlier for the 13th straight monthly increase. The surge was the biggest since December 1972. The sales of mini vehicles (Kei type vehicles) in August rose 21.7 percent from a year earlier, marking record sales for the month of August and the eighth straight month of growth.

Toyota remain world No.1 by selling 8.4 Million Vehicles in year 2010
Toyota sold 8.42 million vehicles globally in 2010, remaining the world's top auto maker for the third year straight despite recall woes in the key North American market. Toyota Japan's global sales rose 8 percent from 2009, driven by solid sales growth in China and other Asian countries, the auto maker said.
Mazda announce to enter Electric Car Market in Japan in year 2012
Mazda has announced that it is developing its own electric car for leasing in Japan starting in spring 2012. Japan's fifth-largest car manufacturer in term of sales volume announced plan to produce a battery-run car in Japan from 2012. The car will be based on Mazda Japan's Demio and will have a range of about 200 kilometers on a single charge which is better than the current other EV brands.
US Says No Electronic Problem in Toyota Cars
NASA Engineering and Safety Center of America says that the 'sticky' accelerator pedals that killed at least 50 people and led to a recall of nearly 8 million cars last year were not the result of faulty electronics. Transportation Department said a 10-month probe conducted primarily by NASA engineers found no evidence that electronic defects or software code errors could account for the thousands of reported cases of sudden acceleration in Toyota and Lexus vehicles over the last decade. The findings supported Toyota's position that it had identified and fixed the only known safety problems related to two massive recalls in 2009 and 2010. Regulators say driver error may be behind many complaints.
Toyota Motor Company's Hybrid Vehicles Sales more than 3 million units
Toyota Motor had sold more than 3 million hybrid vehicles in 2010 alone. Hybrid car sales have continued to rise since the company introduced its first Prius hybrid model in year 2000. Toyota to continues more production of hybrid cars, which is combination of combustion engine and electric motor, while Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motor are rolling out full electric vehicles. There are currently 16 Toyota & Lexus models on sale in 80 countries and the company plans additional 10 new models by the end of year 2012.
Toyota Japan and Honda Japan announce to re-start assembly plants after Earthquake
Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company has announced, they are planning the resumption of automobile assembly plants in Japan amid ongoing difficulties in parts supply following the tsunami devastation by one of the strongest earthquake in Japan's history on March 11, 2011.

Toyota Motor Corporation, world's biggest auto maker, halt its cars assembly for 2 weeks, surpassing a 4 days halt followed by a powerful earthquake in Niigata Prefecture in July 2007. As the production halt period reaches a record for Toyota Motor Corporation, in result Toyota will not be able to produce approximately 148,000 units soon. Toyota has re-started manufacturing parts for new cars after one week of most powerful earthquake, but has not decided yet, exact date of resumption of finished car plants of its group companies Daihatsu Motor Company which make kei type cars and other small cars, and Hino Motors Ltd. one of biggest maker of heavy trucks and commercial vehicles in Japan.

Honda Motor Company had earlier decided to halt production at car assembly plants until March 23, 2011 but now has planning to shutdown until March 27, 2011. Regarding start of production from March 28, 2011 or later, the car maker will decide by monitoring developments in restructuring efforts and parts supply situation. According to information, approximately more than 30,000 parts are needed for production of vehicle and makers cannot produce vehicles if even one part is short.
Japan Company Trust Organization
The Japan Company Trust Organization "JCTO" is an anti-fraud organization in Japan. It's Headquarter is in Tokyo. This Organization registered real Japanese companies with physical address confirmation.

To registered with "JCTO", a company must have registered in Japan, must have clean & clear record, and must have no criminal back-ground. Any Japanese company is eligible to apply for registration. However, application is accepted only after strict screening of many documents and company's back-ground.
Odaiba Festival – Tokyo Motor Week 2012 Report – Total Event Attendance reached 380,000 Visitors –
The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA, Chairman: Akio Toyoda) held the “Odaiba Festival – Tokyo Motor Week 2012” for the first time, at different venues in the Tokyo Odaiba area from October 6 (Saturday) to 14 (Sunday). Events mainly took place on the three-day and two-day weekends during those dates. The objective of the festival was to increase the number of automobile and motorcycle fans, and response was excellent.

The event was held in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, as well as the Rinkai Fukutoshin Machizukuri (Tokyo Waterfront Community Development) Council and its key affiliated companies. Eight passenger car manufacturers and three motorcycle manufacturers that are members of JAMA, and three members of the Japan Automobile Importers Association participated, and almost 20 events were held including a roundtable discussion by top executives, a vehicle exhibit, ride experiences, a pet event, a fashion event, soapbox derby, and kids’ engineer classes. A total of 380,000 visitors came in contact with autos and motorcycles during the festival.

With event attendance reaching a total of 380,000, we significantly exceeded the target of 300,000 visitors. Further, we successfully captured excellent contact opportunities with the youth demographic (age 29 or under), with over 50% of event attendees belonging to this bracket. (Reference: Youth rate for the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 was 23.9%.) What’s more, a survey was conducted after the event, and over 85% responded, “My interest in cars grew.”

One of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s key initiatives is to communicate the dreams and fun of automobiles to many. We were able to achieve this with the “Odaiba Festival – Tokyo Motor Week 2012” and hope to link it to the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 that will be held next year from Friday, November 22 (general public days November 23 (Sat) through December 1 (Sun)) at Tokyo Big Sight.

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