Non-Stolen Car Verification Certificate in Japan

Stolen car check in Japan

Every year thousand of cars, truck, buses, motorcycles and machinery are stolen in Japan. The stolen vehicles in Japan are mostly illegally exported to foreign countries.

The overseas buyers are sometime unaware they are buying a stolen car. But problem started after stolen vehicle arrive at buyer/importer's country. Even buyer has purchased stolen car un-intentionally, but it's their responsbility to check well before any purchase.

All potential buyers of an used car schedule to export from Japan can check in advance if the vehicle in question was reported stolen in Japan.

If buyer/importer in overseas countries are in doubt, contact Japan Inspection Organization (JIO) for re-confirmation. Buying a car even unintentionally caused problem and buyer may being prosecuted.

All importers of used vehicles in overseas countries are advised to ask seller for "non-stolen verification certificate" (NSVC) issued by Japan Inspection Organization (JIO). This Certificate is endorsed by "Japan Anti Fraud Organization". For detail click below link:

Non Stolen Vehicle Verification Certificate in Japan


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