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Dr. Asai Kazuhiko Ph. D.Asaigermanium (Asai-Germanium) was invented by Dr. Asai Kazuhiko in Japan. It is the only water-soluble organic-germanium compound that has been confirmed to be safe and useful. Various actions have been reported so far, including enhancement and regulation of immune function. A variety of physiological effects have been clarified, and from the 1970s to the 1980s, clinical evaluations on various diseases have been conducted and reported in research institutions nationwide in Japan. In the 2000s, research on the effectiveness of Asai Germanium as a supplement has been actively conducted, and some effects not found in other products have been clarified. Here is an easy-to-understand summary of Asaigermanium reported so far.

Safety of Asai-Germanium:
The safety of Asaigermanium has been repeatedly confirmed in accordance with the guidelines by the Ministry of Health in Japan. In particular, as a third phase of safety testing since 1990, Asai Germanium Research Institute conducted tests on acute, subacute, chronic, teratogenicity, and other toxicities applying GLP standards.

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Effectiveness of Asai-Germanium:

Effective Anti-Virus on Influenza Virus:

Asai Germanium Effect on Influenza VirusThe anti-viral effect of Ge-132 was indicated by an increase of survivors, a prolongation of mean survival days, an inhibition of the development of lung consolidation, and a decrease of virus titer in lung tissues, as compared to infected control mice treated with phosphate-buffered saline. Natural killer (NK) cell activity in the spleens and lungs of the infected mice was also significantly augmented after the oral administration of Ge-132. In addition, NK cells stimulated with Ge-132 in vivo showed killing activity against NK-insensitive Meth-A cells infected with influenza virus or flu virus.

Asai Germanium for immunityEffective on immunity: "Immunity" is one of the defense systems to keep our health. The immune system works to protect the body from external enemies such as pathogens (bacteria and viruses). The immune system is basically divided into two types: innate immunity and acquired immunity. Innate immunity reacts quickly to pathogens that have invaded the body, such as macrophage cells and natural killer (NK) cells. NK cells start attacking when they recognize invading pathogens. Macrophages prey on recognized pathogens and break them apart, and at the same time, when innate immunity alone cannot deal with them, inform them of acquired pathogens for help.

Asai Germanium for boneEffective on bones: Our body has a skeleton formed by about 200 bones. In addition to supporting the body, bones have a variety of functions.Bones, once made, don't seem to change afterwards, but they are always renewed. Cells called "osteoclasts" melt and destroy old bones. (This is called "bone resorption") The bone forming cells called "osteoblasts" adhere to the broken part, and the bone matrix such as collagen is synthesized and calcified to form new bone. (This is called bone formation). Over a period of about 3 years, the whole body bones are replaced with new ones. This cycle is called bone metabolism (remodeling), and healthy bones can be maintained by maintaining a balance between bone resorption and bone formation.

Asai Germanium for painEffective on pain: Feeling painful! Is an important sign that informs us that something is wrong with our bodies. When tissue is injured, such as by cutting or burning, a "pain substance (neurotransmitter)" leaks from the area around it, which is converted into an electrical signal that travels from peripheral nerves to sensory nerves, It is transmitted to the brain to recognize pain. Even if it is pain, the causes and conditions vary from pain due to daily trauma and headaches to pain experienced for the first time after getting sick. Pain can cause sympathetic nerves and muscle tension, and can have major adverse effects on the circulatory and respiratory systems, such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, vasoconstriction, and increased respiratory rate. It is desirable to treat and improve immediately when you feel pain, but if you endure and leave it, it will fall into a vicious circle of pain that will generate new pain, which will become chronic pain and painful state Will be prolonged.

Asai Germanium for inflammationEffective on inflammation: "Inflammation" is a defensive reaction that tries to remove and repair harmful things when a body receives the image. Inflammation can be caused by physical factors such as injury (spraining, bruising, etc.), and biological causes caused by pathogenic bacteria such as when catching a cold. Inflammation is generally categorized over time. Acute inflammation is defined as symptoms that resolve within a short period of time, and chronic inflammation is defined as inflammation that has prolonged. As the main signs of inflammation,Redness Hoseki, Heat, swelling, pain, etc., but with these symptoms, inflammation goes to calming down. However, sometimes the response cannot be caught up, and if a small amount of damage is repeatedly received, a small inflammatory reaction may persist and shift to a chronic inflammatory state, which is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is called a quiet killer because it is difficult for subjective symptoms to occur and gradually erodes surrounding cells and tissues gradually from the inflamed area. Allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis are also classified as chronic inflammation because they persist for a long time. More recently, it has become clear that chronic inflammation is greatly involved in the development of lifestyle-related diseases and Alzheimer's disease.

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Fake Organic Germanium Alert:
Be aware of fake Organic GermaniumBe aware of fake Asai-Germanium. Asai-Germanium was developed by the Japanese inventor Dr. Asai Kazuhiko through a unique patented manufacturing process in Japan. Asai-Germanium is the only genuine water soluble organic germanium in the world. Nobody can copy the original manufacturing process of Asai-Germanium. Be careful to buy fake products that are selling at cheap price. Those products are very dangerous that harm not only the health but also direct impacts to human life. Many fake products claims that Asai Germanium is very effective for cancer, but actually selling fake Organic Germanium. Counterfeit product may be contaminated or contain the wrong ingredient. Counterfeit products are illegal and may be harmful to human health. Law enforcement agencies in Japan takes counterfeits seriously. In order to combat counterfeit products, we are working with relevant agencies to help protect human in all over the world from the threat of counterfeits. To protect your health and life, always buy from authorized agent or authorized exporter only.
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