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Toyota Motor Company has introduced many sports cars to the world. One of them is "Toyota Celica" which is believed to be most admired sports coupe of its time comparative with other Japanese sports cars in Japan and rest of the world. Powered by four-cylinder engines, it was very famous in 90's among the youngsters and sports car lovers around the world. The model is still exporting in big quantity due to its performance and cheaper price.

Later on Toyota produced Turbo charged four-wheel-drive model called "GT-Four" or GT-4. It is a high performance model with 3S-GTE engine, and full-time 4WD. This version was also compete in World Rally Championship (WRC). Toyota Celica was produced in coupe, and convertible version as well. Although, the production of this model was stopped in 1999, it's still one of the best selling used Japanese car in Japan and all over the world
Toyota Celica Used Cars Stock List
Stock No. Model Year Color Transmission Price Details
3137 Celica Coupe 1990 Black Manual US$ 1,800 Sold out
TA 012 Celica Convertible 1991 Black Automatic US$ 3,200 Sold out
3109 Celica Coupe 1993 Black Manual US$ 1,500 Detail
TA 013 Celica Convertible 1994 Black Automatic US$ 4,300 Sold out
TA 014 Celica Convertible 1995 Silver Automatic US$ 5,300 Sold out
70512 Celica Convertible 1995 Black Automatic US$ 5,300 Sold out
3110 Celica Coupe 1996 Black Automatic US$ 3,400 Detail
3112 Celica Coupe 1998 Black Manual US$ 4,800 Detail
3113 Celica Coupe 1999 Silver Manual US$ 5,800 Detail
3422 Celica Coupe 2002 Silver Manual US$ 6,800 Detail
1024 Celica GT Four 1990 Black Manual US$ 2,800 Sold out
BJ 110 Celica GT Four 1991 Black Manual US$ 3,200 Sold out
3399 Celica GT Four 1994 Black Manual US$ 4,800 Detail
3423 Celica GT Four 1994 Red Manual US$ 4,800 Detail
3424 Celica GT Four 1994 Silver Manual US$ 4,800 Detail
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