Are you looking to import used Toyota Camry direct from Japan? Batfa is your one place to buy Toyota Camry for sale and all models of Toyota used cars line up. We at only have selected choice of used Japanese cars for sale at competitive price. To ensure quality of all used vehicles in our stock, a third party check-up of each car is available upon request by "Japan Inspection Organization", which is largest inspection organization in Japan for automobile and heavy machinery.

You can also import latest model new Toyota Camry direct from Japan. Whether you are intending to buy used Toyota Camry or even huge SUV like Toyota Land Cruiser, we are at your service to supply all variety and models to our worldwide customers. However, Toyota Camry Hybrid is not available in our stock at this time, but will be added soon. Choose your next Camry from our stock list at below and we'll ship at any destination as we are Japan's leading exporter of Japanese used vehicles.
Toyota Camry Used Cars Stock List
Stock No. Model Year Color Price Details
1018 Camry 1994 White US$ 1,500 Details
1019 Camry 1995 Silver US$ 2,000 Details
1020 Camry 1995 White US$ 2,000 Details
1021 Camry 1996 White US$ 2,500 Details
1022 Camry 1997 Silver US$ 3,000 Details
70507 Camry 1998 Silver US$ 3,500 Details
1023 Camry 1998 White US$ 3,500 Sold out
210202 Camry 2000 White US$ 4,000 Details
210203 Camry 2001 Silver US$ 4,700 Details
2921226 Camry 2002 Red US$ 5,700 Sold out
210204 Camry 2002 Silver US$ 5,700 Details
210205 Camry 2003 Silver US$ 6,700 Details
210206 Camry 2005 Black US$ 7,700 Details
210207 Camry 2005 Silver US$ 7,700 Details
210208 Camry 2006 Silver US$ 8,700 Details
210209 Camry 2006 White US$ 8,700 Details
210210 Camry 2006 White US$ 8,700 Details
210211 Camry 2006 White US$ 8,700 Details
210212 Camry 2007 Black US$ 9,700 Details
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