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The Nissan Silvia is one of the most popular sport car of Nissan Motor Company. The name given to the company's long-running line of sport coupes based on the Nissan S platform. The Nissan Silvia made its first public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in September 1964 as the "Datsun Coupe 1500". The low production numbers and tedious method of construction assured each car is unique and valuable, this is reflected by the car's purchase price of almost twice as much as the next model in the manufacturer's lineup compressively with other Japanese cars for sale in Japan.

The S12 chassis in Japan was badge as a Silvia. The model was produced so that Nissan's different dealership networks in Japan could all carry the Silvia. There are minor cosmetic differences. The S12 Silvia in Japan was available in a hatchback as a basic model only, or as a coupé in base, RS, and RS-X trims. The S12 Gazelle was strictly a hatchback, available in regular, RS and RS-X variants. The RS was equipped with the 2.0L DOHC "FJ" engine (FJ20E) to enhance it than other Japanese sports cars of in the domestic market of Japan and overseas as well.
Nissan Silvia used cars stock list
Stock No. Model Year Color Transmission Price Details
3230 Silvia 1989 Black Manual US$ 3,200 Sold out
CT 103 Silvia 1991 Black Manual US$ 3,500 Details
BJ 119 Silvia 1992 Black Manual US$ 3,800 Details
2917568 Silvia 1994 White Manual US$ 5,800 Details
3233 Silvia 1997 Pearl Manual US$ 7,800 Details
2917103 Silvia 2000 White Manual US$ 14,800 Details


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