New Japanese Ambulance for sale

We are Japan's leading exporter of Japanese Ambulance to all countries in the world. We can supply new Japanese Ambulance for sale in Japan. Before any purchase read below detail carefully.

Steering of Japanese Ambulance: We can supply Right Hand Drive (Steering on the right side of vehicle) only.

Number of Doors: Ambulance is available with four (4) doors only. Right side sliding door is not available in these vehicles.

Stretcher: These vehicles are selling without stretcher. The ambulance will equipped with stretcher space and seating capacity. If you can arrange stretcher in your country, buy without stretcher. However you can buy Japanese stretcher at additional cost US$3,200 - US$3,480.

Medical Equipment & Devices: Japanese automobile companies do not install medical equipment in the ambulance as size and standard of equipment(s) in each country is different. Buyer (Importer) has to install equipment(s) by themselves that comply standard of their respective countries. The ambulance will equipped with stretcher space and seating capacity only. However you can buy Japanese stretcher at additional cost US$3,200.

Ambulance manufacturers in Japan: Only Toyota Motor Company and Nissan Motor Company manufacture van with stretcher that can be use as ambulance.

Ambulance models in Japan: (1) Toyota Hiace (2) Nissan Caravan

Official name: In Japan the word "Ambulance" is officially for vehicles that are fully equipped with all medical equipment and devices including Oxygen facility. While these vehicles in Japan are officially called "Van with stretcher". If you want, we will write "Ambulance" in all official documents. Please inform before shipping process.

Emergency Siren: Since ambulance siren sound/noise are different in each country, we cannot supply with siren. Buyer has to install siren by themselves that comply their country's standard.

Emergency Light: Since emergency lights color, size, and design is different in each country, we cannot supply with Emergency light. Buyer has to install Emegency lights by themselves that comply their country's standard.

Ambulance Logo: We cannot write buyer's special logo on the body of vehicle. However, word "Ambulance" in red color can write at additional cost.

Used Japanese Ambulance: Since these vehicles are modified for stretcher space and other facilities, we cannot supply used Japanese ambulance.

Japanese Ambulance price: For ambulance cost in japan and other detail visit Toyota Amulance and Nissan Ambulance

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