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The Mitsubishi GTO is a high performance sports car built by Japan's fourth largest automaker Mitsubishi Motors Company. The model was marketed in Japan with the name of Mitsubishi GTO, and in overseas countries it was called "Mitsubishi 3000GT". The Mitsubishi developed the new GTO as a technologically advanced 2+2 seater sports coupe to compete other Japanese Sports car like, Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Nissan 300ZX, Skyline GTR and the Toyota Supra. They resurrected the GTO name, and the car went on to serve as Mitsubishi’s flagship for the remainder of the decade, not only in Japan's domestic market, but also to auto market around the world.

The Mitsubishi GTO incorporated many of Mitsubishi's contemporary performance-enhancing technologies, such as full time four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active aerodynamics featuring automatically adjusting front and rear spoilers, sport/tour exhaust modes and electronically controlled suspension (ECS). Visually, the cars featured pop-up headlights and noticeable "caps" on the hood to accommodate the ECS controllers at the top of the strut turrets. The SOHC engine, was added to the Mitsubishi range. The production for the Japanese domestic market finally ceased in 2000, with the last two cars sold the following year by leading car exporters in Japan.
Stock No. Model Year Color Price Details
3334 GTO 1991 Red US$ 2,800 Details
3335 GTO 1991 Black US$ 2,800 Sold out
MB 100 GTO 1991 Silver US$ 3,200 Details
3507487 GTO 1991 Silver US$ 3,200 Sold out
MB 117 GTO 1992 Black US$ 3,800 Details
MD 106 GTO 1992 Red US$ 3,800 Details
3337 GTO 1993 Red US$ 4,200 Details
BJ 135 GTO 1993 Black US$ 4,200 Sold out
3311029 GTO 1993 Silver US$ 4,200 Details
BJ 403 GTO 1995 Black US$ 6,200 Details
3434 GTO 1997 Black US$ 9,800 Details
3435 GTO 1997 Silver US$ 9,800 Details
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