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The Toyota Supra is a sports car produced by world's largest auto-maker Toyota Motor Corporation. The styling of Toyota Supra is slightly longer and wider than other Japanese sports cars. In the year of 90's Supra was the flagship sport car of Toyota Japan. Designed to be more of a grand-touring coupe than a hard-edged sports car, the Supra rewarded owners with its easy-to-drive nature and powerful engines. It also pioneered new technologies that enhance Supra's performance and speed.

Due to its popularity in all over the world as an iconic and one of the most beautiful sports car, the Supra has appeared in the 2001 Hollywood action film "The Fast and the Furious" that focuses on street racing and heists. That's why Toyota Supra is one of the best selling sport car than other Japanese used cars of same category. Used Toyota Supra is still popular among the youngsters in Japan's domestic car market, and sport car lovers around the world, for its beauty, durability, and performance.
Toyota Supra used cars stock list
Stock No. Model Year Color Transmission Price Details
3114 Supra 1990 Black Manual US$ 4,800 Details
3115 Supra 1991 Black Manual US$ 5,800 Details
BJ 107 Supra 1992 Black Manual US$ 6,800 Details
3116 Supra 1993 Silver Automatic US$ 7,800 Details
3117 Supra 1993 Silver Manual US$ 7,800 Details
70511 Supra 1995 Red Manual US$ 15,800 Details
3118 Supra 1997 White Manual US$ 17,800 Details
3396 Supra 1997 Black Manual US$ 17,800 Details
20501 Supra 1998 White Manual US$ 20,800 Details
3397 Supra 2000 Silver Manual US$ 23,800 Details
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