Make Toyota
Model Fun Car go
Driving Type 1300cc is available in 2WD only
1500cc is available in both 2WD and also 4WD
Steering Position Right Hand Drive ( on the right side of car )
Transmission Type Automatic gear
Fuel Gasoline - Petrol
Passenger Capacity 5
Engine Capacity 1300cc . also available in 1500cc
Engine Type DOHC . V V T-i
Number of Doors 5
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Price FOB 1300cc . 2WD = US$ 16.500.
1500cc . 2WD = US$ 19,000.
1500cc . 4WD = US$ 19,500.
Remarks Shipping cost is not include in above price
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New Japanese car
Toyota . Fun Car go
2007 model
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Sorry !! Production of this car has stopped.
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