Used Honda Odyssey for sale in Japan

The Honda Odyssey is one of the best-selling minivan of Honda Japan. This vehicle is famous among the large families and in some countries using as people carrier from airport to hotels etc. Due to reasonable price, Honda Odyssey is easy to buy than other used Japanese cars for sale of same category to import in any country.

The durability and stability has make this model to won 2012 "Drivers Choice Award" of Motorweek and best of all, it is the winner of this award for the record second consecutive year after 2011. No other Japanese car has won this award twice. Choosing a used Honda Odyssey for sale in Japan for your next car from reliable exporter will be a wise decision.
Honda Odyssey Used Cars Stock List
Stock No. Model Year Color Price Details
4024 Odyssey 1995 Blue US$ 1,300 Details
4025 Odyssey 1995 Red US$ 1,300 Details
4026 Odyssey 1995 Silver US$ 1,300 Details
4027 Odyssey 1997 Red US$ 1,800 Details
4028 Odyssey 1997 Silver US$ 1,800 Details
NJ 318 Odyssey 2000 Silver US$ 2,300 Details
NJ 319 Odyssey 2000 Grey US$ 2,300 Details
NJ 320 Odyssey 2000 White US$ 2,300 Details
NJ 326 Odyssey 2001 Blue US$ 2,800 Details
NJ 327 Odyssey 2001 Grey US$ 2,800 Details
NJ 332 Odyssey 2001 White US$ 2,800 Details
NJ 329 Odyssey 2002 Silver US$ 3,300 Details
NJ 330 Odyssey 2002 Grey US$ 3,300 Details
NJ 60506 Odyssey 2003 Blue US$ 3,800 Details
NJ 61210 Odyssey 2003 Silver US$ 3,800 Details
NJ 60803 Odyssey 2004 Blue US$ 4,300 Details
NJ 60804 Odyssey 2004 Gray US$ 4,300 Details
NJ 60805 Odyssey 2004 Light Blue US$ 4,300 Details
NJ 70218 Odyssey 2004 Silver US$ 4,300 Details
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