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The word "JDM" or "JDM Cars" is abbreviation of "Japanese Domestic Model". Generally JDM cars are selling at local market in Japan to local Japanese buyers. Since JDM cars are made to suitable for Japanese buyer's taste, these New Japanese cars are high spec with most advanced technology, usually Japanese car makers do not built for other countries for export purpose.

JDM cars are very popular in other countries and are regularly exported as "Used Japanese Cars" to all over the world through Japanese car exporters to grey market. However, the JDM sports cars have speedometers that only go up to 180 kilometers per hour, even though the car would be capable of much higher speeds if the vehicle is not for the built-in speed limiter.

Japanese used car export companies usually buy Japanese Domestic Model "JDM" cars at the Japanese Car Auction". These Auto Auctions are located all over the Japan. But to get membership of these auctions is very complicated and difficult. Only reputed companies having special police department permission are eligible for the auto auction membership. Sometime Auto exporters are asked to show if they are registered with Japan Company Trust Organization, which is also called "JCTO" in short.

JDM vehicles are often different in features and equipment from those vehicles sold out of Japan. For instance, Toyota Japan has produced many different versions of their famous models, not available in other countries. The vehicles built with JDM specifications are having better suspensions and improved throttle response over vehicles built for other markets in overseas countries. Most reliable car exporters in Japan usually carry inspection of car before shipment for the extra satisfaction of their overseas buyers.

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Search our site for Honda crx as well as used civic and all kind of used Honda cars for instance, best selling model Honda integra, and it's long selling most popular car Honda accord.

Subaru used cars are also famous for their quality and sports cars, but comparatively with Honda prelude, these cars are famous among the youngsters who also like Honda type r.

As everybody knows, Toyota is world's No.1 car makers, and their previous model Toyota Supra was long selling among the sports car lovers. The beautiful shape and eye-catching look of this car make it one of the best-seller of Toyota line-up in 1990's.

But at the other end Mazda Japan is also increasing export by racing car, and fuel efficiency vehicles like Demio in Japan's domestic market as well as all over the world.

Mitsubishi Japan has only very few models famous as sports cars.

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